A Little About Me

Founded in 2019, Marcus Embra is a premium lifestyle product brand that strikes the perfect balance between exclusivity and accessibility.

Sounds good doesn't it? That is the aspiration of my brand, albeit on a realistic micro-level. 

You're probably thinking, who is Marcus Embra?

Well, I'm the guy!

To get you up to speed. I love being a hands-on designer. Professionally, I head marketing and a team of creatives for one of the world's largest full-service suppliers in the events industry. It's a great job and I'm fortunate to be able to be a part of building some of the world's most incredible events.

They're my credentials in a nut shell. You can learn more on LinkedIn.

Why start a brand?

Away from my professional commitments, I find it hard to lock my creativity away. The beauty of design is that when inspiration takes hold you can give birth to something that has never existed before. I find this to be the driving force behind my creative endeavours, I get immense satisfaction from the 'end result'.

From a young age, I had a keen interest in fashion and product design. Over recent years, with whatever spare time I'm lucky to have, I have found myself tinkering with a pet project. 

The pet project has been to build my own brand. It started off as a vehicle for digital files and homeware on Etsy. An eclectic mix I know, I was just repurposing some of my WIP projects that never saw the light of day. Essentially, I thought some of these designs could find uses by other people. 

I wasn't wrong, customers were delighted with my products. The only caveat was, I never had the time to build a following so the custom base was small.

Why have I launched my own store?

Simple. I am now solely concentrating on exclusive tech accessories which affords me more time to develop my brand. The founding principle of my brand is now clear  to define unique style for true originality.

All of my tech accessories are one-of-a-kind and high quality, recently they've been gaining a following. Because of this, I felt now was the time to launch my own dedicated site to host my products.

If you're reading this half of my job is complete. It's clear just by being here you want to stand out from your crowd. Browse my exclusive self-made designs, they're all unique and will help you achieve true originality.

Go on, give it a try  you may just fall in love with one of my designs.